1. Brazil will host millions of young people in July 2013.

It's not every day that a country is visited by millions of young people willing to share their experiences of faith and life. The World Youth Day, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, will reunite in our Land of Santa Cruz, young people with an open heart to hear what the Pope and the Church have to say. Isn’t it a great opportunity to reinforce the message of the Gospel of Life?

2. A lot of people are still unaware that right after fertilization we have a new human individual.

And to help us prove that, science and new technologies are powerful allies. At the same time, given that reality, it is possible to realize the fragility of the human being in the early stages. We need to commit ourselves to its protection, defense and appreciation.

(Watch here a nice video, with just 27 seconds, showing footage of a human being at 12 weeks of pregnancy, alive in the womb. The age of the person depicted in the video matches the replica of the Choose Life Campaign)

3. Abortion of human beings is the leading cause of death worldwide and a serious wound in humanity

Read the Article: Abortion: public health issue

4. Brazil is a welcoming and pro-life country. And that needs to be disseminated among the WYD participants.

Recent research conducted with Brazilians show that rejection of abortion has grown.

5. It is necessary to introduce, reinforce and motivate the Culture of Life. Always.

The young participants of the WYD are in different moments of the Christian pathway. For those who are just beginning, the Culture of Life will be presented; for those who already know it, it will be reinforced and deepened; and for everyone, the kit will be an instrument of motivation to defend and promote human life, wherever they are.

6. Seeds generate fruit

WYD 2013 will end on July 28. After closure, the young participants will return to their countries, and there they will be able to share with family and friends all they have experienced in that global event. We are confident that - with the grace of God - also the "seeds" of the Culture of Life will bear much fruit.

A mobilization to encourage young people attending the World Youth Day to value human life from its earliest stage, and thus sow the Culture of Life through them.


It aims at giving each young person a kit containing: a plastic replica of a baby at 12 weeks of pregnancy (real size and features), a folder with scientific and religious explanations about the beginning of life in three languages, and package.


That aims to contribute to other initiatives for valuing human life that are being prepared by the organization of WYD.